Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lots of movement on the socs

We've been seeing a lot of gaps in our through put. We thought we saw a better connection between the payload and our ground station when using the the socs in Antarctica, and 1B is doing better than the rest. We are currently testing to see why this might be and if there is something we can change to improve that. Thus all the movement of the payloads from one soc to the other and sometimes complete disappearance.

Current state of affairs
1J is back on the Dartmouth soc
1D is using the Halley Bay ground station (invisible to all the rest of us)
1B and 1K are still up on UCSC's soc

This is likely to change before I notice and can update the blog, so don't be surprised if they are not where I said they are.

As something fun to look at while we wait to see if we can identify the problem, I've made a video of our progress through Jan 4th 2013. I've plotted 1 hours worth of data at each step so we can see the flight of the balloons and the satellites. 1J does drop out for a while. I think we lost that connection but I'm in the process of double checking.