Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daily e-mail Jan 23rd 2013

Good Morning 

A world record was made yesterday. The shortest telecon between scientist yet: 9 mins. Also Mag EIS data for the 17th onward will hopefully be available soon. I think we have two really great days to look at with the 17th and 20th, so it will be nice to see some more data. KML files will be late today as I'm switching to the new program which will include L and MLT information. Although I had been planning to colour the payloads by the L value, it was soon realised that with the new constant L KML file it might be better to have the colour represent MLT. 

Payloads up: 
Halley 6: 1I, 1G, 1C, 1H

Payloads ready for flight:
SANAE IV: no new news
Halley 6: no new news.

Payloads coming down:
1R was terminated on Jan 23 at 11:23 UT. 

Jan 23 2013
Sat. A 0000 UT - 0630 UT
Sat. B 0025 UT - 0715 UT

Jan 22 2013
Sat. A 0515 UT - 1230 UT
Sat. B 0600 UT - 1320 UT

Jan 21 2013
Sat. A 0140 UT - 0920 UT
Sat. B 0225 UT - 1005 UT

Jan 20 2013
Sat. A 0000 UT - 0650 UT
Sat. B 0015 UT - 0715 UT

Jan 19 2013
Sat. A 0535 UT - 1300 UT
Sat. B 0535 UT - 1300 UT

Jan 18 2013
Sat. A 0205 UT - 1000 UT
Sat. B 0205 UT - 1000 UT

Jan 17 2013 
Sat. A 0030 UT - 0650 UT
Sat. B 0030 UT - 0650 UT

Halley Bay Mag:
relatively quiet compared to recent past days

GOES Electron Flux:
Have continued to be at normal levels. 

GOES Proton Flux:
Has stayed at background levels for the lat 24 hours + 

Space Weather from and

Solar wind speed is 283.0 km/s
Solar proton density 1.9 cm^(-3) 

53 sunspots are now visible. NOAA has the likelihood of a M class flare at 10% and a 1% chance of an X class flare. There are a couple of sunspots which are growing and becoming more complex, but are not yet likely to produce moderate to large geomagnetic storms. There have been a few CMEs but all have occurred at sunspots which were on the eastern limb and are not expected to be geo-effective at all. 

Kp is quiet kp = 0 with a 24 max of kp = 1
Bz = 1.0 nT north
Btotal = 1.4 nT 

There is a coronal hole in the southern hemisphere which is now about half way across the surface of the sun. The HSS would be expected to reach us ~5 days from now if this hole is geo-effective. 

From Kyoto:
AE: very quiet, a few small blips. 

Dst: very quiet again. 

Talk to you all soon