Saturday, January 5, 2013

BARREL Status Report #9

BARREL Status Report #9
January 4, 2013

(Note: This is the status report for yesterday. Internet was
unworkable here last night, so I couldn't send it then.)

We launched our third payload (Payload 1D) on January 4  at 1600 UT.
This one was launched from Halley and we had some blue sky finally, so
were able to get some  pictures (attached).  Payloads 1D and 1J are
still up and maintaining their altitude well. We've unpacked Payload
1G and expect to be taking Payload 1L outside today for a full system

We've also been holding brief daily telecons between BARREL and Van
Allen Probe team members to discuss burst data coordination. We've
already had beautiful conjunctions between the balloons and the Van
Allen Probes. Unfortunately, there hasn't been any geomagnetic
activity so far, but we expect more conjunctions like this throughout
the month.

Weather Outlook

Halley: The winds are expected to pick up to ~20 knots this afternoon
and stay high for the next few days. We don't expect to launch
anything from Halley until next week.

SANAE: The weekend is looking favorable overall. There is a
possibility for a launch this afternoon.


Payload 1D right after launch.