Monday, January 14, 2013

Daily e-mail Jan 14th 2013

Good Morning 

We launched 1G from Halley this morning (for the rest of us, Afternoon for the ice). 

All Day 1D has been seeing some great activity in the lower energy channel.

Payloads up: 
SANAE: 1J, 1K, 1N, 1O
Halley Bay: 1D, 1I, 1G

Payloads ready for flight:
SANAE IV: Possible launch of payload 1Q on 16 Jan 2013
Halley 6: 1G just launched this afternoon! 

Payloads coming down:
1J possibly - it has started to dip below 27 km in altitude and is floating around McMurdo. Just for a bit of triva, 1J is currently right near the Van Allen Mountain Range!

Jan 12th 2013
Sat. A 0220 UT - 1005 UT
Sat. B 0150 UT - 0920 UT

Jan 13 2013
Sat. A 0530 UT - 1315 UT
Sat. B 0500 UT - 1250 UT

Jan 14 2013
Sat. A 0000 UT - 0650 UT
Sat. A 0840 UT - 1620 UT
Sat. B 0000 UT - 0650 UT
Sat. B 0820 UT - 1600 UT

Jan 15 2013
Sat. A 0220 UT - 1000 UT
Sat. B 0200 UT - 0935 UT

Jan 16 2013
Sat. A 0530 UT - 1310 UT
Sat. B 0530 UT - 1310 UT

Halley Bay Mag
Halley Bay saw some bursty waves and possibly some ULF waves through out the times that our Balloons saw the low energy precipitation! 

Space Weather from

Solar wind speed is 529.2 km/s (Yes last night we broke 500 km!)
Solar proton density 1.3 cm^(-3)

126 sunspots are now visible. NOAA increased the likelihood of a M class flare to 65% and a 10% chance of an X class flare. The evil twins have started crackling, and are half way across the sun so still a couple of days away until they may become geo-effective. 

Kp is quiet kp = 2 with a 24 max of kp = 3 (it was at 3 for 9 hours last night... almost "stormy").
Bz = 0.1 nT south
Btotal = 2.6 nT 

There are no large coronal holes on the sun. 

From Kyoto:
AE: It looks like we are currently getting a lot of potential substorms, at least it's not entirely quiet like the last few weeks. 

Dst: Maybe? Dst provisional hit -35 nT at noon on the 14th. So if you call -35 nT a storm, We've had our first minor storm of the Campaign. If you call a storm where Dst < -40 or -50 nT, then we're still waiting. 

Talk to you all soon