Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Daily telecon Jan 2, 2013

Good Morning/Afternoon, 

It looks like another quiet space weather day, but the upper atmospheric winds seem to be going strong! 

Payloads up as of 9:16 PST Jan 2nd 2013: 
Sanae: 1J
Halley Bay: 1B

Payloads ready for flight as of 9:16 PST Jan 2nd 2013:
Sanae: Possible launch of payload 1K Jan 3rd 2013 at 1500UT (7:00am PST). 1L is being tested. 
Halley Bay: 1D is ready for launch and 1I is being tested

Possible conjunctions last 24 hours (very approximate times):
Van Allen Probe A: - 

Van Allen Probe B:
1/1/2013 20:00 UT - Drift loss cone

Possible conjunctions in the next 24 hours (very approximate times)
Van Allen Probe A: - 
1/3/2013 7:00UT - Crosses Halley Bay
Van Allen Probe B:
1/3/2013 7:00 UT - Crosses Sanae

Space Weather from

Solar wind speed is 309 km/s
Solar proton density 2.2 cm^(-3)

There has been an increase in visible sunspots and 1640 which is currently in the middle moving towards a potentially geo-effective location is rapidly growing but not yet flaring. 

Kp is quiet kp = 1
Bz = 2.5 nTsouth
Btotal = 3.2 nT 

There are still no coronal holes on the Earthward side of the sun and only a 20% chance of getting a kp = 5. This is a higher chance than we've seen since our first launch.

KML files of the balloon flight paths are being updated at the moment. There are older ones (from last night) located here 

Up to the min. maps can be viewed on the soc as well.  

Talk to you all soon