Saturday, January 5, 2013

BARREL Status Report #10

BARREL Status Report #10
January 5, 2013

SANAE and Halley are now tied 2-2! The SANAE team launched payload 1K
this afternoon at approximately 1643 UT. The payload is now at 36.7
km. For all the balloonatics out there, here is a link to altitude
profiles for our first two payloads. They look pretty good.  1B has
come down more than 1J has. 1J is still at 35 km after 4 days at

We now have four payloads up! There still hasn't been any geomagnetic
activity, but the sun is starting to get more active so we hope to see
something in the next couple of days.

In other news, the Halley team did a full system test of Payload 1I
today. We'll have a look at the data tomorrow but it should otherwise
be ready to launch. We still do not anticipate a launch from Halley
until mid next week due to high winds predicted (25 knots).  SANAE is
still looking at launching one or two more payloads tomorrow if the
weather cooperates. They are then expecting a big storm which could
shut them down for a few days.

All for now