Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BARREL Status Report #17

BARREL Status Report #17
January 16, 2013

We launched Payload 1C from Halley today at 1803 UT. It was a cloudy
day, but the winds dropped to 3-4 knots, so we had a very smooth
launch. The SANAE team had marginal conditions so were unable to get a
launch off. We also terminated payload 1N at 0806 UT due to its low
altitude. Today's launch marks our 11th launch! We still have over two
weeks to go in the campaign. We currently have 6 payloads up (1C, 1D,
1G, 1I, 1K, 1O) thought 1K is at very high latitudes near Terra Nova
Bay. Tomorrow, geomagnetic activity is expected to pick up. Next
launch opportunity is expect to be Friday, but you never know down