Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BARREL Status Report #13

BARREL Status Report #13
January 9, 2013

Today was another busy day down south! At Halley, we started setting
up for a launch at 7am, but the winds were just not cooperating. The
SANAE team also had an opportunity and got a launch off at 1316 UT
(Payload 1O). After the successful SANAE launch, the Halley team had
more stable weather and was able to launch Payload 1I at 1806 UT.
Neither team expects to have a launch opportunity until early next
week due to weather, so we were very excited to get two more up today!
Additionally, we terminated Payload 1B tonight at 2017 UT (60.94S,
120.93S). The altitude was low on this balloon so we were no longer
getting any good science data from it. We still have 7 balloons up!
And today we saw our first precipitation event. We havent' had a
chance to look at the data just yet and it wasn't a huge event, but we
are excited to see something interesting! Hopefully we'll be posting
some data plots in the near future!