Saturday, January 12, 2013

Daily e-mail Jan 12th 2013

Good Morning 

Payloads up: 

SANAE IV: 1J, 1K, 1N, 1O
Halley 6: 1D, 1I

Payloads ready for flight:

SANAE IV: Unlikely to have a launch until early next week. Yesterday they had white out conditions with 40 knot winds.
Halley 6: Winds should be dying down over the next day so hopefully they'll have a launch Monday afternoon. 

Payloads coming down:

1J is currently at 29 km (we need to be above 27 km to get good science data) so we will be watching it closely to see if it needs to be cut down in the next day or two. 

1M was terminated this morning at 1030 UT. 

Conjunctions with the Van Allen Probes: 

Jan 11 2013

Jan 12th 2013
Sat. A 0220 UT - 1005 UT
Sat. B 0150 UT - 0920 UT

Space Weather from

Solar wind speed is 358.9 km/s
Solar proton density 5.9 cm^(-3)

166 sunspots are now visible. NOAA increased the likelihood of a M class flare to 60% and a 5% chance of an X class flare. The evil twins have started crackling, but are only about a fourth of the way across the sun so still a few days away until they may become geo-effective. There was a C5 flare which we may have observed at one of the balloons.  

Kp is quiet kp = 1 with a 24 max of kp = 2
Bz = 2.8 nT south
Btotal = 6.7 nT 

There are no large coronal holes on the sun. 

From Kyoto:

AE: very quiet

Dst: incredibly quiet!