Sunday, January 20, 2013

BARREL Status Report #19

BARREL Status Report #19
January 20, 2013

Yesterday afternoon, we were able to launch another balloon from Halley 6 (payload 1H launched at 1638 UT on the 19th). The conditions were perfect for a launch. This payload also observed a relativistic event later in the evening! From a quick glance at the Halley riometer data, it looks like both saw the same event. We now have quite a few interesting events to analyze!

The weather forecast at SANAE is improving. They have a possible chance this afternoon, and the next few days look better as well. We currently have 6 balloons in the air. Payload 1D has been up for almost 16 days and 1K has been up for 15 days!!  [ Alexa here - We only expected balloons to be flying for maybe 7 days with hopes that they could last for 12 or 14 days at the most. These two have been incredibly successful.] We expect to be terminating both of them very soon, but so far they have been high enough to keep giving good science data.

Happy Sunday!