Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BARREL Status Report #7

BARREL Status Report #7
January 2, 2013

Today our Halley team had their first successful launch! You can track
both payloads at The SANAE team will try for another
launch tomorrow if the weather holds out. The Halley team is expecting
good launch conditions on Friday.


Halley Status (last update UT 1800 02Jan2013)
  1. Halley team has launched payload 1B!  1D is ready for launch and payload 1I is being tested.

SANAE Status (last update UT 2220 02Jan2013)
  1. Payload 1K is ready for launch. Payload 1L is ready for outdoor testing, near ready for launch.
  2. UPDATE: Probable launch of payload 1K on 03Jan2013, as early as 1100 UT (0300 PST).  
  3. UPDATE: Possibility exists of a 2nd launch of 1L from SANAE  on 03Jan2013 

SOC Update (last update ...)
  1. SOC now displaying realtime data after power outage at UCSC.  No data were lost and all data are available through the SOC Archive Viewer.