Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1N's current location and a note from Seth

We are finally getting bits of info about 1N's current location. 

DATE: 14 JAN 2013
TIME: 2026 UTC
LAT: -67.173
LON: -106.77


DATE: 15 JAN 2013
TIME: 1141 UTC
LAT: -67.105
LON: -113.598

It seems to be following 1O which makes sense as they were launched about a day apart. 

Seth C. just sent me one of the best e-mails ever

"According to NOAA SWPC there is a CME expected to impact the magnetosphere sometime on 1/17.  it is quite slow moving, which means it is not likely to be very geoeffective. but you never know how that IMF will be oriented!"

I so hope that we get a storm, even a small one would be nice :).