Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Greetings from Antarctica!  Internet connection has not been that great for John or me, up until a few days ago when we arrived at:

71.671 degrees South
2.8289 degrees West

It's been a number of full days' work, and we have finally launched our first payload!  The launch process was highly successful, and the payload is still functioning just fine.  A team of enthusiastic South Africans made this launch possible, many thanks to all of them for their hard work.  We have many more launches to go!

I really wish I could post a photo or two!  I just tried, but my internet connection does not support me uploading photos right now, sadly.  I will try again tomorrow morning (GMT) when I get up to support what hopefully will be the first launch from Halley Bay!  It was a beautiful day for a launch today, and the photos and videos turned out really well.

Brett Anderson
2013-01-02  0010 GMT
SANAE IV, Antarctica