Thursday, August 13, 2015

Update from the PI

BARREL Status Report #9
August 13, 2015

The second BARREL payload (3B) was launched today at 04:30 UT. Shortly after the balloon reached float altitude, geomagnetic activity increased (Kp=4) and we began to detect precipitation. Later in the day, we also captured another excellent conjunction with the Van Allen Probes. We're excited to look at the data more closely after the CDF files are processed!

The payload is currently on its way down. It was terminated at 17:18 UT because it was starting to drift towards the mountains. This payload carried one of Univ. of Houston's student piggyback experiments. Their data are all recorded on board so we are anxious to recover this payload!

We are targeting the next Van Allen conjunction on August 16 for our next launch. As always, launch will depend on surface conditions. But, the upper level winds are slowing down and should be favorable for even longer flights.