Thursday, August 6, 2015

Rainy Day in the Arctic Circle


Today was a long, busy day, full of exciting new tests and preparations. It was also the day we took five 'buttoned-up' payloads outside for their final comprehensive tests!

Payloads 2S (with magnetometer boom) and 2U gaze longingly outside.
Just kidding. Rain kept our payloads inside, so our final outdoor tests will take place tomorrow.

Our enthusiasm didn't die, however, and we were encouraged by the beauty of the rain clouds over the forested mountains and the promise that they would be gone tomorrow.

Nick finishing up tests on the second to last (!!!) payload.
Being inside came in handy when we went to hang test our parachute and flight train with the new Esrange terminate and communications equipment.
The indoor hang test, featuring Esrange's orange-strapped box.

We also welcomed Professor Gar Bering of the University of Houston and two of his students to our team. Their experiment will be piggybacking on a couple of our payloads! Together, we all learned how to launch a balloon from Dartmouth's Brett Anderson.

Brett and Robyn discuss the use of the "Huch Clutch".
We've finished the basic testing for five out of six payloads, as well as the BARREL NASA Flight Readiness Review, with the final payload to be completed tomorrow morning. Tomorrow afternoon will be our outdoor comprehensive tests with both BARREL and Esrange scientists. Should be an exciting day!
A GPS antenna and an Iridium antenna stare wistfully off into the fog.
Vi ses imorgon!