Friday, August 7, 2015

BARREL Status from the PI

BARREL Status Report #4
August 6, 2015

It's been rainy all day today which delayed our launch dress rehearsal until Friday. However, we were able to do an indoor walk through of procedures with SSC/Esrange personnel. We also got two more payloads (1Z and 1H) tested,  buttoned up, ready for final CPT.  

Gar Bering from UH arrived today with his students and began checking out their VLF instrument which will be integrated with Payload 2U in a few days. 

The BARREL FRR/ATP was also held today with NASA. A few safety-related procedural items with hazops were identified, having to do with slight differences in how NASA and SSC conduct operations. After working with SSC and NASA safety, we have identified solutions and expect those action items to be closed out Friday afternoon. 

If the launch dress rehearsal goes smoothly on Friday, and NASA safety is satisfied, we will go through our final FRR with Esrange. Our  first launch opportunity could be Sunday (rain is predicted again for Saturday). Esrange will be providing updated predicted launch trajectories to us on Friday so tomorrow's update will be more definitive about our first launch attempt.