Saturday, August 8, 2015

Glad Fredag!

It's been a whirlwind of a Friday!

We took our payloads outside for our launch "Dress Rehearsal"...

Payload 2S on the launch pad next to the balloon ground cloth.
...only to have it start raining the minute we got out there.
Greg, Robyn, Arian, and Brett take the payload inside under a tarp.
 The rain didn't stop us from testing, however.
Greg ponders what to do behind payload 2S.
We ran three payloads under cover of the warehouse while the rain played out.

Suddenly, the sun came out, and we got the perfect weather we had hoped for.
Payloads 1Z, 2J, and 2H.
Payloads 1Z, 2J, and 2H all completed their Comprehensive Tests. We were also able to weigh the flight train for payload 2S — the first payload we hope to launch this week!

As we wrapped up our tests, we discovered that we had completely 'buttoned up' all six payloads. The weather was beautiful, and it was time to celebrate by going into Kiruna after dinner.

A rainbow celebrates with us over the launch pad.

Greg, Nick, and Brett in Kiruna, Sweden.
We wandered the town, looking at the shops and brightly colored homes. Most things were closed after 6 pm, so we occupied our time with walking as much of the town as possible.

Beautiful homes and store fronts in Kiruna.
As it got late, we walked to an overlook to watch the midnight sunset.

Greg points out the terraced iron ore mine around which Kiruna is built.
Tomorrow we will finish the Comprehensive Tests for the remaining payloads, and weigh the flight trains for the payloads which are ready to launch!

Hej då!