Tuesday, August 4, 2015

BARREL Status update August 4th 2015

Things are moving along here under the Dome here at ESRANGE. Today, we got a lot accomplished:
  • discussed the recovery plan with the recovery lead here at Esrange
  • successfully completed a preliminary compatibility test with the Esrange transponder and secondary tracking system. 
  • completed testing of the UCSC ground station with two payloads simultaneously transmitting with their flight iridium system.  This also included a test of the SOC web interface which allows us to see data remotely.
  • bench tested two payloads and began getting two payloads into their final flight configuration. 
We should have two payloads flight-ready tomorrow in time for a launch dry-run with Esrange on Thursday morning.

Today we had blue skies and weather that was almost good enough for a launch! Let's hope it stays this way.