Wednesday, August 5, 2015

BARREL Status Report #3 August 5, 2015

BARREL Status Report #3
August 5, 2015

Today was another productive day at Esrange. After a beautiful morning (during which we watched another group's balloon launch!),  we continued to get payloads flight ready: 

  • finished bench-testing Payload 2S and buttoned it up into its final flight configuration. 
  • finished bench-testing Payload 2U.
  • started bench testing Payload 2H.
  • compiled an updated list of magnetic conjunctions between Kiruna and Van Allen Probes, MMS, and the FIREBIRD NSF cubesats.
  • conducted our first daily burst telecon with representatives from Van Allen Probes, MMS, THEMIS,  FIREBIRD, Aerocube-6 (two Aerospace cubesats), and the AARDVARK and EISCAT ground-based instrumentation groups. 

We're hoping for good weather tomorrow so we can do our final compatibility test and launch practice with Esrange. Our Flight Readiness Review is also scheduled for tomorrow.