Thursday, December 6, 2012

SA Agulhas II departs Cape Town for SANAE

Interrupting Alexa's coverage of AGU to announce that our SANAE team (John and Brett) left Cape Town today, aboard the S.A. Agulhas II as it sails south for SANAE!  Departure was on time, and Nick and I snagged some pictures as the Agulhus II pushed back from the wharf.

Brett on high, waving hello and goodbye!
S.A. Agulhus II, as it pushes back from the pier.
S.A. Agulhus II, in profile (with Table Mtn in the background).

I should make mention that the S.A. Agulhus II is brand new, and is apparently the envy of the Arctic/Antarctic research community right now.  There's a fantastic page about it on the South African National Antarctic Programme's website, complete with links for tracking info, ship layout, and additional resources.