Thursday, December 27, 2012

Good news, Both Teams are at their bases!

Good news everyone, both teams are at their bases! Hopefully we'll be having updates on the blog from both teams soon. I'm hoping for photos!

The Halley team (Robyn, Karl, and Nick) have arrived as stated before, and now have all their cargo off loaded. They plan on starting to get their first payload ready tomorrow, well it's probably today down there at the moment.

The Sanae team (Brett and John) also arrived as did some of their cargo. They also plan to start unpacking and getting their payloads ready soon.

It sounds like our flight ready review (FRR) will now be held on Monday the 31st of Dec. which means we could potentially have the first flight on January 1st if the FRR goes well and the weather is in our favour.

If you want to see where the Van Allen Probes will be at these time I've made Google Earth (KML) files with the southern magnetic field line foot prints of the two satellites. The files are available at I've included some of the previous balloon flights from our group as a reference before our balloons are launched. There is also a file with the positions of some Antarctic stations. If you would like me to include more, just leave their names, the websites for their data and/or the station, and their latitudes and longitudes.

Have a great night!