Monday, December 31, 2012

Quick updates before the daily telecom

We just heard from Sanae

Hi all, 

John and Brett have regained internet access but have lost wind conditions suitable for launch, so we are scrubbed for the evening. The weather report for tomorrow at 1300-1900 looks great for launch from SANAE (and Halley also looks good in a similar time range).


Today is our first daily telecon and hopefully we will have good news within the hour!

From Robyn this morning... 
Quick update. John and Brett have no internet right now, but are still planning to launch payload 1J around 1700 UT (9AM Pacific) today. Halley is going to act as their initial ground station until the payload reaches float altitude. [This means that we wont see it on the soc right away. ] They will not be able to communicate with anyone easily for a while since their launch site is pretty far from the station. So, we at Halley will be doing the communicating (we'll be on the Iridium phone with John and Brett).

I'll send out an email and update the wiki as soon as I know they've launched or scrubbed. It will take about an hour to reach float altitude at which point we'll want to hand it off to UCSC so everyone can see the data through the SOC.


Right before sending this I've checked the Wiki and soc and I didn't see 1J up yet, but hopefully by the meeting time I'll have more information. I'll update the blog as we know more.  

Currently as you may have guessed the ground weather is good. 

According to 
Solar wind speed ~ 368 km/s
Solar wind density ~ 2 protons/cm^3
Current sunspot number 37
Planetary K index = 0 with a 24 max of 2
Bz is 1.3 nT in the northward direction
Btotal is 2.8 nT

There is very little chance of a flare in the next 0 - 48 hours.

It is quiet on all fronts.

Talk to you all soon,