Monday, December 10, 2012

Bon Voyage and The last of AGU

*************** Up Date*********************
The Boat has been delayed for the day and has been re-scheduled to depart tomorrow (Dec. 11th) at 8am in the morning. Enjoy the extra day on land everyone! 

As you may have seen in Robyn's post, today the team going to Halley Bay leaves port! (They have some much better photos so make sure to read Robyn's post!)

Safe travels to all on board. I hope this "break" gives everyone time to get work done, read some papers, maybe write some papers, and just relax before the mission starts. It's only a couple weeks away!  I can't believe that it's almost here.

You can track where the RRS Ernest Shackleton is on this website. Currently they are set to arrive at Halley Bay on the 29th of December. I hope Santa can find them while they are out at sea.

My flight left early on the Friday of AGU so I took the time to chat with the google earth guys a bit. Hopefully I'll have some great KML files to share with everyone in the near future. Right now they are a bit big and bulky.

Have a great week everyone!