Wednesday, December 5, 2012

AGU Day 3: Van Allen Lecture

Today was Leslie's, Zan's and my posters. No pictures of us at our posters sorry, I was too busy, but I promise to try to get our posters will be uploaded at sometime in the near future.

The Burst meeting was great! I'm very excited to see how the results from our conjunctions with the Van Allen Probes! Interesting science is on it's way.

I finally made it to the expo room and the NASA booth. They had the balloon guys there with a great display and a lot of fun articles/toys.

Perhaps the highlight today was Dan Baker's Van Allen Talk. It's always interesting to listen to him describe how all of our science relates to everyday life. He is a master of transitioning from hard core physics to space policy. 

Only two day's left at AGU. I can't believe the week is almost over. The boys are getting on the ship to Sanae tomorrow and the other crew leave on the 10th. You can follow their boat's website and blog here. We're committed now.