Friday, December 7, 2012

AGU Day 4

Second to last day of AGU and another busy one, at least for me. Lots of great talks on the radiation belts. Leslie did an amazing job stepping in to give Robyn's talk. Robyn left last night to fly to South Africa to catch the boat to the Antarctic.

I talked a bit with Chris Cully about BARREL conjunctions with Themis. Every one seems to be really excited about getting BARREL data and it's just an incredibly fun time!

Speaking of fun times. Although we didn't all meet up, quiet a few of us from the BARREL team made it to the Night at the Museum at the California Academy of the Sciences. We think this might have to become an annual AGU thing. It's amazing.

We'll hopefully have some better pictures soon, but these will have to do for now. They have the coolest jelly fish and sea dragons (?) as well as amazing extra activities at Night Life. This week they had a string quartet that played queen (Bohemian Rapacity and everyone tried to sing along) as well as a a few other classics including white rabbit and the pink panther.  It's well worth the $12.00 admission!

Tomorrow it' back to work before flying home. I hope everyone has had a productive an AGU!

Have a good night!