Monday, August 1, 2016

Introductions: Samar Mathur

Before we start with today's introduction, quick update. Some of the team has made it to Sweden WooHoo! Also We have FIREBIRD Google Earth files in the dropbox for the team. Let the conjunction finding commence.

Today we introduce Samar Mathur. Welcome to the team!

Samar Mathur is a junior in mechanical engineering at the University of Houston. He was always interested in aerospace and astronomy, and that led him to join the AIAA and become the leader of the club’s Rocket Team. Dr. Bering was the advisor of the club, and through him Samar learnt about USIP. USIP has given him the opportunity to learn about subjects and fields that he would have never otherwise had in his schooling as well as the opportunities to have an active part in a research project. Soon after, Samar ran for president of the AIAA UH branch and managed to secure the position. Both organizations have been irreplaceable learning experiences. Outside of school, Samar loves watching and playing sports, reading, and playing video games. He hopes to work in the aerospace engineering industry in the future.

You can follow Samar on Twitter @mrmatuu . We look forward to hearing more from you during the campaign!