Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Introductions: Sapna Shekhar

Today we introduce one of the fantastic laddies from the BARREL team, Sapna. I just want to take this moment to point out that at Dartmouth, the majority of the BARREL team is comprised of women. It's a rare thing to find in science and is really kind of cool to see! Actually the group of researchers in space physics at Dartmouth has always seemed to have quiet a few women; Prof. Robyn Millan (our PI), Prof. Kristina Lynch, Prof. Mary Hudson, and of course all their post docs, grad students, and undergrads, all great women researchers to aspire to. But back to Sapna... 

Sapna Shekhar is a Graduate student at Dartmouth College working for Prof. Robyn Millan. Here research mostly revolves around comparison of BARREL data with Low Earth orbiting satellites. She did her undergraduate work at Delhi University, master’s work at Indian Institute of Technology Madras in India and joined BARREL in the summer of 2012. She got interested in space physics through getting involved in a student satellite initiative at Indian Institute of Technology Madras called IITMSAT. She has also been involved in a short term project in Machine learning in space physics during the summer of 2015 with a software company. She is deeply interested in making a career in software support for space missions in future. You can find out more about her here