Tuesday, August 9, 2016

BARREL Status Report #5 August 8, 2016

BARREL Status Report #5
August 8, 2016

This status report also covers the weekend. Payload 2G was buttoned up into flight configuration and taken outside for it’s CPT. We were interrupted by rain and it’s been raining on and off ever since! In the meantime, we’ve been doing additional ground station testing and payload 2J has been running inside continuously since Friday for a battery rundown test. We also did some launch training and reviewed the launch equipment. The UH students got their VLF instrument mounted onto payload 2U so it’s nearly ready to go through CPT as soon as we get some better weather. 

Today, we had our Flight Readiness Review with Esrange safety and operations. Later in the day we had our Flight Readiness Review with NASA. Both went smoothly, and we are ready to launch! We had our first weather briefing and, although the surface weather looks pretty good for Wednesday evening, the upper level winds are still moving too fast westward. We’ll be making a final decision at today’s weather briefing. The next conjunction with RBSP is Sunday morning, so we will most likely not have another launch attempt until Saturday night. I’ll keep you posted! 

***Update from Robyn: We will not be attempting to launch Wednesday evening, so we're looking forward to hopefully a chance to launch Saturday night. ****