Friday, July 29, 2016

Introductions: Brett Velasquez

Today we start to meet the new team members who will be helping out in Sweden. Welcome all!

Brett Velasquez is the current team leader of the USIP-II groups tomography and TEC (total electron content) instrument. He is a physics major at the University of Houston and plant to dual major in electrical engineering. USIP-II presented a great opportunity to obtain hands on experience both in the lab and in electrical engineering. To better himself he signed up for USIP-II and was accepted and became a team leader for the TEC and tomography experiments. USIP-II has given him a great opportunity to work with professionals, lab equipment, and various facets of hardware and software fabrication that that would not be taught in class. He has also learned leadership and teamwork skills such as managing schedules and project responsibilities. He hopes to apply these skills and experiences to acquire more positions in his future fields of work.