Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Introductions Christian Currier Behrend

Today we introduce christian Currier Behrend. Welcome to the team!

Christian Behrend is an undergraduate at the University of Houston  and the lead of the VLF/IRIG-B experiment and the thermal systems teams. After realizing his interests in aerospace, he decided to join the USIP-II to gain hands on experience developing scientific instrumentation. He became the secretary of the AIAA-UH chapter with the hopes of fostering student interest in aerospace and aeronautics. While working with the AIAA-UH, he also developed a curiosity in astronomy and has joined a collaborative effort to repair the university’s observatory. Throughout his time in the USIP-II he discovered his passion for the research environment. By studying and fabricating a VLF receiver, he hopes to learn more about project management, using laboratory equipment, understanding experimental methods, and electrical engineering.

You can follow Christian on twitter at @cbehrend0  and we look forward to hearing from you during the campaign!