Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Sun was busy last night.

Last night there were a few flares from the Sun, most in positions which are likely geo-effective (are going to hit the Earth). The larges was a M9, almost an X-class. The solar flare have four categories, B, C, M, and X with X being the largest and the most likely to produce longer lasting geomagnetic storms, if they hit the Earth. Space is very spacious, so even if the Sun erupts, there is a small likelihood that that eruption will hit the Earth. To further complicate things, only those eruptions where the magnetic field is pointing southward are likely to produce geomagnetic storms. Even the the eruptions that point northward though can cause problems with communication systems.

Hopefully for our campaign, these larger flares will have produced CME's that we'll see within the next few days.