Monday, January 13, 2014

From the ice: BARREL Status Update #24

Hi all, 

Good evening from Halley!  Payload 2K was terminated today near McMurdo at 09:30UTC. It landed on the sea ice at 76.49S, 171.49E. Payload 2M was cut down at 09:45UTC, also landing on the sea ice at 76.71S 51.56W. We still have 5 balloons in the air, though some of them are at high magnetic latitude. Payload 2T is still truckin' - it's been up for 16 days and has been back on closed field lines since yesterday. At this point, we've well exceeded our minimum success criteria (8 payloads up for 3 days each) and still have 3 weeks or so left to go!

The SANAE team was not able to go recover 2Z last night because bad weather moved in just as the helicopter was supposed to take off. Hopefully they will be able to get out there tomorrow. We have a possible launch opportunity Tuesday morning from Halley. We expect a launch between 1100-1200 UT.