Friday, January 10, 2014

From the Ice: BARREL Status report #21


SANAE: Launch opportunity today didn't pan out but we're hoping for better surface conditions tomorrow. Payloads 2Z and 2A are taped up and ready to fly.

Halley: Payloads 2M and 2N are taped up and ready to fly. Possible launch opportunity tomorrow morning.

The big CME that was headed our way didn't amount to much but we still have a month to go in this campaign! 


**** addition from Alexa******* Although the big CME didn't pan out we did see some great stuff during the conjunctions with the Van Allen probes. Also some have proposed that the winds from the coronal hole pushed the CME so it was no longer directed Earthward... this could perhaps mean that the coronal hole moving into view Monday or so may have a nice storm in store for us! Here's hoping! 

Also, here's a video of the mission thus far.