Monday, January 27, 2014

From the Ice: BARREL Status Update #35

The SANAE team launched Payload 2D at 1552 UT today. We now have 5 payloads up. Today was a beautiful day at Halley also - the first sun we've seen in a while! Because we just launched yesterday, we decided to wait another day before launching again. This will also give the crew here time to groom our launch pad. We got quite a lot of snow over the last week so setting up for launch yesterday was a little challenging. The snow was nearly up to my knees in places and quite dense. Our "runners" did a great job launching the payload given the conditions.  We expect good conditions again Tuesday and Wednesday so expect to launch on one of those days. Meanwhile, we completed the Payload 2P Comprehensive Performance Test, and it is now flight-ready. We also got Payload 2Q out of storage an onto the bench for testing.