Wednesday, January 8, 2014

From the ice: BARREL Status Update #19

Hello from Halley!

Sorry for the lack of status report last night, but he internet was terrible and I couldn't seem to get any emails through. There wasn't much new to report anyway! We weren't able to launch any balloons yesterday or today due to unfavorable surface conditions. Tomorrow looks like a possibility for SANAE and Friday for Halley. Meanwhile, we finished getting payload 2M flight-ready today. SANAE has several waiting on deck and ready to launch.

We still have 6 payloads in the air. Several of them have been seeing precipitation over the last few days and all of them observed the X1 solar flare yesterday as well as the energetic protons that arrived. We saw what looks like a very bright relativistic event last night that coincided with a large dropout in the GOES electron flux.  It's not yet clear if the precipitation was responsible for the dropout but this will be an interesting event to study. A CME is due to arrive tomorrow morning, so we are expecting activity to continue and likely increase.

All for now