Wednesday, January 15, 2014

From the ice: BARREL Status Update #25

Hello all.  

Payload 2I was terminated at 21:28UT today after over 14 days of flight. It landed at latitude: 74.54S, longitude: 51.37E. Thanks to the UCSC MOC for keeping a close eye on the altitude! 

The SANAE team went out to recover payload 2Z today, but the contrast was too poor for the helicopter to land. They will try to go back tomorrow, weather permitting. 

Meanwhile, the SANAE team have Payloads 2A and 2B basically ready to fly. The Halley team has Payloads 2N, 2O, and 2U ready to fly. Both stations expect high surface winds on Wednesday so we do not anticipate a launch. Thursday looks more favorable for both of us.