Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The first GEM poster session

We have had many great sessions so far and the week is only half way through. Last night was the first of two poster sessions and it was really cool to see how many students were looking at BARREL events.

Zan (from Dartmouth College) presented on EMIC waves and their ability to precipitate radiation belt electrons. She showed work from her upcoming paper as well as a bit on the Jan 17th event.  

Lauren (from LASP at CU Boulder) is part of a Cube Sat project which is able to look at relativistic precipitation. Lauren has been looking at conjunctions between REPTILE and BARREL when we both observe relativistic precipitation. 

Thiago (From Dartmouth College) is a modeler who has been looking at the 17th event. He will soon be graduating and will be moving out to LASP for his post doc, however we hope that he will continue to work with us on BARREL data!

Jan is a postdoc at Dartmouth who along with Thiago is looking at the Jan 17th event. We have some great results from this modeling effort and our data!

Sapna (Dartmouth College) is looking at POES data with our events. This should give some great results with collaborations not just with the Van Allen Probes, but also with REPTILE

And this is Robert from UNH who works with Cluster data. He hasn't yet started to work with BARREL as Cluster was in eclipse for most of our 2013 campaign, but this next year we have high hopes for collaborations between our two missions!