Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good Morning: Workshop day 1

Hi all,

It's great to see you all at the workshop, and if you are not here we're missing you. The schedule for the workshop is slowly coming together. Today, for me at least, is going to be a good day because I get to talk about my favourite type of waves, ElectroMagnetic Ion Cyclotron waves (EMIC) waves. I also get the chance to work with my undergraduate advisor Mark Engebretson which is always a treat. Anyone at the meeting is always welcome to join us.

Right after the short talk part of the day we will be showing how to access our data and how to plot it. If you can't make it to this session there are quiet a few of us around that can help out throughout the workshop. I'll try to put up updates as we go along.

Have a great day.