Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GEM is less than a week away!

Now that we have had a few days to recover from the amazing EFW/BARREL workshop, we have to turn our attention to the GEM workshop in Snowmass CO.

Time enough to take a few of the ideas that were discussed in the workshop and get a couple results ready to show everyone who wasn't able to go to the workshop but will be at GEM. At GEM we'll also be able to show our data and Bdas (a library of IDL programs to read and analyse our data) in its full glory.

As there are quiet a few people who were at the workshop and will be going to GEM I hope we'll all get a chance to further the development of the possible papers which were discussed at the workshop! It's amazing how much work and new results can be found when working face to face. Skype and e-mail are great, but nothing beats sitting over lunch talking with people drawing ideas out on a napkin. I might have to go get myself a napkin notebook prior to the meeting, although I probably could just make my own.