Thursday, June 20, 2013

Shout out in todays tutorial

This morning we again had two great tutorials one by Lynn Kistler on oxygen in the magnetosphere, and the other by Xinlin Li on the Colorado cube Sat mission. Xinlin gave BARREL a great shout out. A few of his students have been working closely with us looking at conjunctions between our balloons and their satellite.

They have had perhaps the most successful cubesat mission to date. In fact their satellite after having gone silent and thought to have ended back in March has just started sending data back down again. It really is the little mission that could. Hopefully it will have an amazingly long life and we will get even more conjunctions this next campaign. It is a long shot and we were incredibly lucky to have such great coverage this last year, but why not shoot for the Moon (or at least the radiation belts).

Good luck little REPTILE and we are excited about continuing our successful collaborations with you!