Saturday, June 1, 2013

3 sleeps until the workshop!

The workshop is fast approaching, it's only 2 days away (or there a bouts). I hope you all have your 2- 3 slides ready to state what you are hoping to work on this coming week, possibly a poster to share, your registration money (check or cash no credit/debit cards; you will get a receipt for reimbursement), and any data/plots you are hoping to work with once you are there.

We are currently finishing up getting our data ready. If you haven't already checked out our wiki and you need our data for the workshop please do so. You can find all the relevant information there for our pre-release versions of the data. I will also hopefully have a copy of all of our data so that if you need a day or two's cdf files I can get them to you easily without having to depend on the internet connection.

According to John's e-mail there will be snacks starting at 8:30 each day so that people can leisurely start meeting before the brief morning talks. Tuesday and Wednesday the meeting will run from 9:00am - 5:00pm and Thursday from 9:00am -12:00pm (but rooms will be available for people to leave late).  John's e-mail also sent out a lot of topics that people have expressed interest in. If you are not already on the EFW and or BARREL list and would like to be, please contact me to be added.

BARREL has selected three time periods to really focus on (but we're more than happy to work on others as well) Jan 17th, Jan 26th, and Feb 2nd. We've put them in a special folder on the wiki. I've started a schedule for myself on the wiki for next week, but others should feel free to add their own meetings to it as well. Also feel free to contact me or the others on the list about joining our discussions. The more the merrier!

I hope to see you all there and safe travels!