Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy second day of the EFW/BARREL workshop

Happy second day of the workshop. We had a great and productive day yesterday. I think we had some great discussions about the Jan 17th storm and other possible time periods to look at for EMCI waves and relativistic precipitation. Hopefully today will be just as productive! 

Today is a great day for a workshop as it's rainy and cloudy out side. We have plenty of coffee, or at least coffee near by, projectors in many of these rooms, and blackboards. Everything we need to really start getting some great work done.  

We're starting out today with some great overview talks. After the review talks, we'll have our break out sessions like yesterday. It seems that our chaos to order model of organising the workshop is working incredibly well. 

Today I will be in the meeting discussing the Jan 26th event (the storm that had it all) as well as the Feb. 2nd events. According to the black board it looks like we'll have our poster session, a session on the the plasmasphere and a session on the radars. I believe there are still a couple of rooms free for others to meet if interested in other events/topics.