Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Page! Fun with Google Earth

Hi all,

 So if you have noticed we have a new page. We are in the process of getting our BARREL position files to run interactively from the blog. At the moment we have a first draft so go check it out and have a bit of fun with it! We're still re-processing some of the data so not all file names will have the "_L_MLT" portion of the file name. Those that do include the L-value and Magnetic local time (MLT) data with them while the others do not. I'm hoping that now that we have this working somewhat it won't take too much effort to add other satellite footprints and the lines of constant L.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this better let me know! We'll see if we can add in any suggested features. Currently on the list of things to add we have

  • ground based magnetometer locations  Added! 
  • option to show Van Allen Satellite southern hemispheric footprint Added! 
  • show lines of constant L Added!
  • our "colour bar" for MLT Added!
  • Possibly include a view of the Satellite orbit with the balloon footprints at the magnetic equator. 
  • choose a date and then what you want to plot (payloads, satellites, ect. )

Have fun with it!

Now you too can make your own plots of our payloads!