Friday, April 19, 2013

Dartmouth Physics Colloquium: BARREL edition

Today Robyn gave the Physics Colloquium at Dartmouth College. Brett provided and set up all the show and tell portions of the talk. It made an impressive display. We had a buttoned up payload (the white box), the insides and just the frame along with the parachute and a ripped balloon from this last years campaign. Once the link to the video is up we'll make sure to let everyone know. 

I thought it was cool how you could see the payload here and then in the photo, but that didn't turn out too well, so I tried again

Our Icon with the entire payload. 

Some spectrograms which show those "Alien Birds" 

 Afterwards people came up and were able to feel just how thin and strong our balloons are. It's quiet amazing to think that they can go through these large temperature changes and carry our payloads all without breaking. The technology used is just so cool!