Thursday, July 28, 2016

Introductions: Arian Ehteshami

Today we'll meet another of the Kiruna crew, Arian Ehteshami. Arian helped out in Kiruna last year as well with launching the balloons as well as helping out with two piggy back experiments from the University of Houston. He was the lead on the TEC experiment and helped out with the VLF experiment which flew twice last year.

Recently Arian graduated with a bachelor's of science in biomedical engineering-bielectrical concentration from the University of Houston. Currently he is a Mentor of USIP-II. Previous Lead on TEC experiment, member of Astrobiology experiment, and previous lead on VLF data processing tasks. His focus has primarily been in bioelectrical engineering which is composed of medical devices, optimizing biosignal filtration, brain machine interfaces and learning, biomarker detection. and biometrics. However, on the side Arian always had a strong passion for the space environment. The symbiotic relationship between humans and space habitats is a problem yet to be solved. By joining the USIP team back in 2014, Arian was able to understand many of the basics of atmospheric and plasma phenomenon’s and how to quantify them. USIP has changed his life for the better both academically and socially. It motivated him to help bring back the UH AIAA-student chapter after a eight year dormitory period, awarding him the AIAA award for student officer of the year. Currently, he is the CoFounder of a startup called OcuRhythm which was accepted into the UH Red Labs and Rice University OwlSpark startup accelerator program. He and his team are producing glasses that will help users shift their circadian rhythm by means of light therapy. These glasses have a learning mechanism that controls the lights based on the user’s own lifestyle. The root of this problem arose when Dr. Bering voiced the concern of astronauts and the state of sleep deprivation they experience. In the future, Arian hopes to be heavily involved with space medicine research that institutions such as NSBRI, Wyle, and NASA’s HRP are currently working on.

Welcome back Arian and we look forward to hearing from you during the campaign! You can follow Arian on twitter at @Aehtesha and the BARREL campaign at @keV_balloons

From Last year's campaign. @Aehtesha and @browncoat33 also known as Hamza.