Monday, December 23, 2013

From the Ice: BARREL Status Report #4

The SANAE team finally arrived on station Sunday! Today (Monday),
they set up their ground station and conducted a test of it by calling
one of the Halley payloads. The Iridium downlink and terminate
commands were successfully exercised.

At Halley, we finished bench testing Payload 2U and buttoned it up.
We'll take it outside for a full up system test tomorrow morning. Dave
continued to collect more calibration data on the mags.

We also completed our ATP/FRR today and received the official go ahead
to proceed with launching. Thanks to all the NASA folks for calling in
so close to Christmas! We are ready to launch as soon as the surface
weather looks good.

The winds are expected to be low enough at Halley to launch tomorrow
morning but predicted to be variable in direction. We are going to
look at it in the morning to assess whether we have a launch
opportunity. The winds are expected to increase for the next couple of
days after that.