Friday, December 20, 2013

From the ice: BARREL Status Report #2

Today at Halley, we finished bench testing of Payload 1T (formerly
Payload 1P) and assembled it into flight configuration. The weather
has gone from glorious yesterday to cloudy with 20 knot winds today.
So, we'll have to wait to get the payload outside for its final
full-up system test.

In the meantime, we also visited the "maggie shaft" which is an
underground tunnel that houses the Halley magnetometer. We collected
some test data with one of our magnetometers, and will be going back
to collect more data with all of our mags. This will allow us to
compare our measurements with the Halley measurements as a test of our

Thanks to CSBF for the stratospheric wind maps. They'll be providing
these to us regularly so we can monitor the upper level winds.

Finally, just a reminder: There is a tab near the top of the page that will link you to our
science blog if you are interested in the nuts and bolts of things
like burst coordination with Van Allen Probes instrument teams or
geomagnetic conditions.