Saturday, December 21, 2013

From the ice: BARREL Status Report #3

Today at Halley, we took Payload 2T outside for a full system test. We also did some additional magnetometer testing. So far, all looks good though we'll need to examine the data more carefully to declare this payload flight-ready. Payload 2U (formerly 1F)  is now on the bench and we've begun bench-testing.

The upper level winds look great so we should be ready to launch as soon as we complete our ATP/FRR on Monday.  The surface weather prediction looks marginal for the early part of next week. There is a slight chance that we'll have a launch opportunity late Monday but the wind is expected to pick up on Tuesday.

We finally got in touch with the SANAE team today. Unfortunately, they are still stuck at Novolaverevskaya, with 60+ knot winds. No chance for flying out of there is expected until at least Christmas Eve.


And a photo from last year's campaign.